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Somewhere along the line... the general view of yoga became a way to workOUT,  lose weight, or gain flexibility.  Yes, with a consistent practice, your body will undergo changes in size, you will increase flexibility, and you will sweat and gain muscle, but those are bonuses to the radical systemic change that can happen when you are able to create a personalized and functional practice.



Don't get me wrong, classes and community are necessary. 

They also can be distracting and cause us to

disconnect from our self,

compare ourselves to others,

and lose the potency of the practice.

Ease Grace Flow Wellness Yoga at Home eliminates the distraction of class and studio and allows you to connect with your body and understand how the poses relate to your specific structure

It is an opportunity to do deep healing through movement at ANY point in your journey.

Perhaps you want to start here and gain confidence and ask questions so you can join a studio without fear!

Perhaps you want to enrich an already fulfilling yoga practice with a deeper understanding of how the poses relate to your specific body structure functionally


Body size or shape, injury, anxiety, or preconceived stories are

NOT a problem or a hindrance to Ease Grace Flow Wellness Yoga at Home.

All you need is a device that supports zoom a small, (medium or large) quiet space for 1 hour (if not totally quiet, a place where you can be minimally interrupted) 


an open mind and heart 

Mat & Props are OPTIONAL - Yoga at home teaches you how to use your own body and what you have in your home to support your practice  

Because I am your girl! I have close to 1,000 hours of Yoga/Meditation studies (E-RYT 200, RYT-500, YACEP) and am a mental health professional who specializes in anxiety.  Since the beginning of my yoga teaching career I have taught beginners (as in never took a yoga class in their life!) in both class and 1:1 settings, and it has given me the patience and language to support any yogi at any point in their journey. 

One of the few benefits of the COVID crisis was it allowing me to deepen my ability to connect with you virtually! I no longer view zoom as a hindrance but a gift that allows us to connect at a different, but just a sacred, level!

Why Ease Grace Flow Wellness Yoga at Home?

Who is Yoga at Home for?

Is it too much to say anyone? Because... anyone.
If you feel compelled but super nervous and insecure to start a yoga practice and want to be nurtured and empowered, THIS IS FOR YOU
If you want to deepen an existing yoga practice by focusing ONLY on you, eliminating all distractions from class and community, and understanding the fucntionality of each pose based on your body structure... THIS IS FOR YOU

NOW.  Click here.  Once you have purchased the Yoga at Home Package you can email me and I will send you the welcome love letter and guide you to scheduling your sessions.

When do I  start?


The Details

We meet once a week for four weeks.

Our 1:1 sessions take place online.  Prior to scheduling you receive a brief questionnaire that is required to be completed before we start. This helps me tailor the experience to your needs, desires, and experience.

All 4 sessions are scheduled at the time or purchase.  If you cancel with less than 24hr notice you forfeit that session with no refund. 


In between sessions you will receive "homework" to practice and I am available via email with any questions you may have regarding your self-practice. 

What's next?
You have the opportunity (or course) to continue booking private sessions as long as you'd like. 


I I also have 5 class options that you could participate in at both beginner and all level. If you feel after our four sessions you are ready to practice with a class, you will receive a discounted rate on my studio and online classes

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