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Ease Grace Flow Wellness while you work is the perfect addition to your business. It is scientifically proven that incorporating mindful and wellness practices in your company culture increases productivity and boosts morale. Tailored for the corporate setting, Ease Grace Flow Wellness While You Work uses yoga, meditation, energy therapy, and holistic mental health practices to improve the mind, body, and spirit of your staff.

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Monthly Mindfulness

  • 1 Neuro-Meditation (science based, guided meditation designed to decrease tension and elevate mood) 

  • 1 Neuro-Yoga Class (Science based, intentionally sequenced movement for corporate atmosphere and those who are seated for their day)

  • 1 mindful team building & bonding exercise (focused on nervous system healing & regulation)

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  • Weekly Neuro-Meditation (science based, guided meditation designed to decrease tension and elevate mood) 

  • Weekly Neuro-Yoga Class (science based, intentionally sequenced, movement for corporate atmosphere and those who are seated for their day)

  • Mindful team building & bonding exercises (focused on nervous system healing & regulation)

  • Mindful Interventions: During work hours your Wellness While You Work practitioner is on call to support your team in high stress situations.

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We know every company is different, so we do not have a one size fits all package.  At Ease Grace Flow Wellness we believe in understanding

your staff, leadership, and core values

prior to creating a tailored Wellness While You Work Plan.

Below are a few examples of packages and plans to help us have a framework

for our initial consultation.


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Leadership Training

Give the gift of wellness to your leadership or HR team. Managing diverse personalities and situations can take its toll on the most skilled and patient leader. Let Ease Grace Flow Wellness come in and support your staff with a one day intensive or made-to suit course that will equip your leaders with tools to deescalate themselves and your staff with proven mindfulness practices.  


The meditation techniques used for the workplace require no experience and no particular posture. They can be done at your desk or in a group.  This neuroscience based meditation is proven to decrease stress & tension


The yoga postures and stretches used for the workplace are designed to subconsciously release tension, trauma, and stress from the body. Movement and guided breath are used to create pain relief and to counterbalance extended seat time.

No experience necessary.


Whether hands on or distant, various energetic healing techniques are used individually and as a complement to all Wellness While You Work Offerings. These techniques clear blockages, open pathways, and decrease tension & stress.


We know it is necessary for hard work and grind, but incorporating the mind, body, and spirit into the business of profit and production magnifies the reward and creates health and wellness vs stress and burnout. Whether it's discussing how food and sleep impact profit or utilizing the sacred pause before closing a deal, the holistic approach to business is a guaranteed asset.


About Dana

I am no longer in the corporate world, but I have over a decade of experience in fast-paced corporations. I respect and value the wellness of those who sacrifice their time and health to earn their living.

In what feels like a previous life, I worked in schools, profit/non-profit correctional facilities, and substance abuse rehabilitation centers. More than a decade spent in service to those populations was fulfilling and educational, but keeping me from a deeper sense of self exploration and healing.


With a calling to empower people in the corporate world, and integrate business and wellness, I created Wellness While You Work,  a branch of Ease Grace Flow Wellness which is a more traditionally focused online and in person wellness company.


I come from a space of education and experience. I  am a certified teacher and Life Coach specializing in anxiety. I have almost 1,000 hours (E-RYT 500, YACEP) of various Yoga Studies: Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Accessible & Functional Yoga. I have extensive training in anatomy and hands on assists and have learned how to scan a body for misalignments and tailor postures to suit.

I completed Levels 1&2 of Neurosculpting Meditation Training,  which is a science based meditation style used in high stress and trauma arenas. I have also studied Functional Meditation and various traditional styles.

I have completed several rounds of Reiki Levels 1 & 2 and am a certified practitioner. Also, I am educated in different forms of energy therapy including Source Point and The Inner Light Method

My college education in communications and creative writing as well as my time in corrections and substance abuse rehabilitation gave me formal knowledge and over a decade of in house crisis and mental health trainings that allow me to feel confident in bringing wellness to the workplace! 

I am excited to see what we can accomplish together for your company!

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