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Image by Cat Crawford

Transformational Tarot

My relationship with tarot started out as fun;

doing readings for myself and close friends, enamored with the tarot aesthetic, and mysticism.


I never imagined tarot would turn into one of the main ways I access my intuition and spiritual connection.


My readings are transformational. They help you align with the path to your highest self, with who you are called to be, and what you are meant to do.


The cards are a catalyst to connect with lessons from the past, creative perspectives of the present, and insight for the future. 

Join me for free Tarot Sundays on Instagram & Facebook or book a full reading. 

Image by Viva Luna Studios

60 Minute Reading

Image by Conscious Design

30 Minute Reading

Image by Kayla Maurais

Full Written Reading

Tarot Sundays

Join me every Sunday at 9PM

live on Facbeook and Instagram

for a free weekly collective reading and  card contemplation offering for your

week ahead.

Image by Caroline Attwood

Weekly Outlook

If it's more than a collective reading you seek, I offer a weekly outlook membership. You receive a weekly spread delivered to you via method of your choice.

It can be general or specific.

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