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Sometimes You Just Need To Look at Mini-Horses

I spent a few years as an Anxiety Coach. It was the catalyst to my departure from corporate America and into starting my own business. Though, I was never in love with the label “Anxiety Coach,” there was not a more suitable moniker. I never felt confident defining myself as that.

What do you do? I’m an.. errr… uhh… Anxiety Coach.

I still shudder at the term Life Coach, but decades of therapy didn’t work for me and life coaching did. The support, love, and guidance of a great life coach gave me the tools to be free from consuming levels of anxiety. I wanted to help others who were in my shoes.

After 3 years of coaching my life took a turn. I stopped labeling myself as an Anxiety Coach and a “former miserable bitch” (that was my IG name). It felt too distant. I began to focus on more than coaching; adding different modalities of healing and guidance into my practice.

That doesn’t negate the golden chunks of wisdom I learned in my coaching certification program and in “Anxiety Coaching” some AMAZING women.

Here’s where the mini-horses come in.

I had the privilege of being trusted to coach some women who had been through some capital T traumas. Their anxiety was rightful and real. Although what they were experiencing felt painful, negative, and deep, what stood out for me in guiding and supporting them is that our time together and healing the anxiety wound didn’t always have to be painful, deep, cathartic, or earth shattering.

Sometimes, they just needed to look at mini-horses.

I’m aware mini horses may not be your thing. For me, it’s makeup tutorials or any animal doing something funny. But in the heat of an anxiety attack you may not have the ability or support to breathe, meditate, pop into a yoga pose, do a grounding exercise, or phone a friend.

In the heat of an anxiety attack or a spiral of freneticism those things feel IMPOSSIBLE.

What can be possible is disrupting the flow of that energy.

Disruption can be with humor or novelty, and in this case, it was mini-horses. This is not an invitation to spiral into hours of mini-horses. This is an invitation to use this as a tool to get you into a space where you can access the other modalities that take more energy and require you to pause and concentrate.

Let the mini-horses or the makeup tutorial regulate your breathing or make you laugh, then decide which tool from your extensive tool kit you’d like to use. When I gave myself and my clients the permission to experience the spectrum of healing, I stopped looking at us as problems to be fixed. Healing, evolving, or shifting can be fun and also gut wrenching. When I allowed both to exist, it became less like a race to fix and more like a self explorative journey.

If you feel like you don’t know what your mini-horse is or you’d like some support and guidance on starting your self-explorative journey, let’s talk.

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