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S.H.I.F.T Your Language Shift Your Life

Shift, pivot, change, reassess... whichever makes you feel most inclined to start using different words... stick with that.

In my recent dealings with clients, both 1:1 and in class settings, I've heard many people say they have the knowledge and practical steps to change what's not working for them, but simply reply, "I can't."

The neurological reason behind, "I can't," is because the brain seeks consistency, predictability, and safety (CPS). Unconsciously, you've developed beliefs, habits, and language that support CPS.

Disrupting consistency, predictability, and safety is scary. It feels like you, quite literally, might die if you change these engrained systems in your life; even if they are diminishing your happiness and health.

Disrupting consistency, predictability, and safety is scary. It feels like you, quite literally, might die if you change these engrained systems in your life; even if they are diminishing your happiness and health.

If you feel like you “can’t” it's not because that is a fact. It is because you haven’t mustered up the courage or created a safe enough atmosphere to start shifting.

If you find yourself stuck in negative patterns of CPS the first place to start is your language.

Most likely, you use your precious creative energy to make stories about limitations. Those stories are so powerful, you subsequently seek and attract circumstances and relationships that strengthen them. The root is the language. Shift your language shift your life.

I have created an acronym (because who doesn't love an acronym) to start this process.

S - STOP. The pause is sacred. First, you must get off auto-pilot and breathe. Don't just let the words flow out of your mouth with no regard. Pause, breathe, and slow your body down.

H - HAVE AN INTERNAL CHAT. Become the gentle observer of your self. Get curious and intentional with your language. Ask, "Is what I'm about to say going to contribute or take away from my own and the collective well being?"

I - INFUSE. Allow the physical body to be infused with this new approach to your language. Notice if you can soften or slow down the body (are your arms/hands going fast, jaw clenched, is anywhere in your body tight/tense, are you breathing?) Infuse the physical body with softness before you speak

F - FIGHT. Fight off any resistance to this change of language. Develop a way to tell yourself that what you are doing, despite it feeling awkward AF, is healing you and your world.

T - TALK. Say it. Say it even if it sounds weird and choppy. Say it if your voice is shaky. Practice using higher vibe language that promotes self-esteem, physical health, positive perspective. Practice undoing generational spells that have been passed on to you unknowingly. It will become second nature, my love.

This may seem like it will take alot of time. It might at first. After much practice, this 5 step process is almost second nature to me. But let me tell you, at first it was weird, clunky, and I cried.

If you are the "I can't" person that I'm talking about, the narrative you've chosen (for many reasons) is strengthening your limiting beliefs. You're using your finite supply of life energy and filling your limited amount of mental space with words and thoughts that disempower you.

You feel like you can't.

But, you can.

I told myself I hated yoga.

I told myself I’d have crippling anxiety for life.

I told myself I would never speak in public.

I told myself I couldn’t meditate, stand up for myself, have a healthy relationship with food, stop drinking…

I told myself all of this. Subsequently, I spoke words, sought out relationships and situations that reinforced these limitations, and they became my beliefs. They became how I defined myself.

There was always opportunity to heal, shift, change, and evolve, but I wasn’t looking or in the vibe to recognize them.

This is one of those opportunities presented to your if you're ready.

It's time for you to S.H.I.F.T.

What kind of language are you using to describe yourself, the world around you, your experiences, your abilities, your desires?

Language shifts create a visceral reaction. They calm the nervous system and can take you from a stress state to a flow state. You must get over the initial discomfort of changing and then the new narrative becomes second nature.

I feel like 2020 has taken a toll on all of our nervous systems. If you've been looking to find a way to move forward comfortably "post-pandemic" or just feel like it's time to invest in your overall unlearning of toxic narratives and limitations I'm offering 10% off 4 and 8 session packages for the summer. Click here to schedule and use code "SUMMERSESSIONS" and let's get this journey started! These 1:1 sessions are a perfect way to integrate all my offerings into our time together. It is a mind, body, and spiritual experience that will change your life for the better.

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