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I Can't, I'm a Pisces...

Welcome to Pisces season. Or most affectionately #PSCSZN. Being a Pisces is just one of many excuses I have made for my poor choices and behavior.

I have loved astrology from afar for as long as I can remember. It fascinates me. Growing up I remember people around me using zodiac signs to justify or be the cause of themselves or others being shitty humans.

“He’s such a Taurus.” “I can’t help it, I’m an Aquarius.”

My recent deeper study of Astrology has given me the opportunity to better know myself and others. It allowed me to see the difference between our personalities and our essence. The difference between being a healthy Pisces and a wreck of a Pisces.

Astrology has reminded me we all have an essence which is unchangeable and pure. We also have a personalty acquired through our family of origin, community, and life experiences.

Your essence impacts how you experience your family of origin, community, and life experiences. For example, a Gemini and a Cancer in the same family, same house, same community, same school, have the potential to develop a completely different personality within nearly identical circumstances. Their essence is different. How they operate, see the world, what they value, and their self perception is different.

It’s not a mistake. Neither are wrong. The varying essences contribute to creation and are aligned with God. They are concrete. Your essence is beautiful & pure. Your personality is beautiful, but can also be made up of ugly and scary defense mechanisms and survival responses.

Astrology is not the only way to connect to your essence. There are countless tools and modalities to show us who we truly are vs who the world made us. Hence presenting you the option to unlearn indoctrinations and deconstruct ourselves in order to live a more full and rich existence.

Astrology is a reminder that we are not separate from the universe; the stars, planets, moon, and sun. We are cosmically collaborating in creation with them every second of every day and the disconnect stems from the social conditioning that lead us astray.

Maybe you can use this Pisces season to get in touch with your connection to the cosmos, to your inner-knowing and intuition, to actualizing your dream life, and connect to your essence.

If you want to work with me - I’ve done many workshops that are focused solely on discovering and nurturing your essence. All the modalities I use in my sessions are geared toward deepening your relationship with your essence.

Let’s chat. Let’s have fun. Let’s go deeper!

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