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Hi, I'm Dana

Your intuitive guide to ease, grace, and flow. You can find all the personal stuff and pics on my instagram

My  journey from being a wounded healer, seeking to help others in order to avoid going inward and looking at myself ended in 2017, after working with my first Life Coach.


In what feels like a previous life, I  worked in schools, profit/non-profit correctional facilities, and substance abuse rehabilitation centers. More than a decade spent in service to those populations was fulfilling and educational, but keeping me from a deeper sense of self exploration and healing.


From a young age, I  was in clinical care for mental health and trauma. I  carried these diagnoses and labels with me until 2017. Anxiety was the biggest and loudest label that I carried, but after approaching my mental health holistically; understanding that the whole self needs to be nurtured and understood, and I  was not a problem to be fixed, I was able to evolve from those labels!


In all my offering I hope to empower you.


I come from a space of education and experience. I  am a certified teacher and Life Coach. I have almost 1,000HRS of various yoga studies, completed levels 1&2 of Neurosculpting meditation training, and  several rounds of Reiki Levels 1 & 2. I have an Associates in Communications and a Bachelor's in Writing. 

However, none of these labels or accomplishments overpower the spiritual and intuitive connection that is used to support my clients.

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