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3 Month Holistic
Anxiety Therapy Intensive

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You may have tried many approaches to “curing” or “managing” your anxiety?

Ease Grace Flow Intensive Therapy is your holistic approach to anxiety with support and guidance from someone who comes from a space of education AND experience.

I may not have the same situations or root causes, but there was a time when anxiety, tension, and stress defined me. 


Through our connection and the holistic (mind, body, spirit) techniques formulated specifically for you in our time together you will receive the tools and support for a transformative and healing experience.


When you decide to put the energy and effort into this process, you will see and feel a decrease in your anxiety levels,


and be open to enjoying your life, career, and relationships on a level you never imagined.

This is an individual & intensive experience.

you will not be asked to participate in a group or share with anyone else.

I am limited to working with 3 people consecutively at this capacity

for optimal energy & time devotion

Because you are here, reading this, for a reason. You are tired of what you've tried, what you've been told, and you are tired of every part of your life being affected and defined by your anxiety, stress, and tension. This is where that stops.

Why Ease Grace Flow Wellness?

Who is this program for?

This experience is for you if you are willing to do the work and get comfortable being uncomfortable. This is not an answer or a fix. This is a transformative co-creative experience between us.

When your method of payment is received, you will receive your first round of pre-work and schedule your first 1:1 session

When do I  start?


BONUS: With all payment options, while you participate in this experience you will have unlimited access to all my yoga classes and meditations and 50% off any Ease Grace Flow Wellness Workshops or Special Events

The Details

We meet 3 times a month for 3 months.

Our 1:1 sessions take place online, but if you are local to NJ you have the option to attend live yoga classes and meditations. If you are not local you can attend via zoom.


All 1:1 meetings are scheduled around your availability.


In between sessions you receive personalized action and integration steps with the option for between-session accountability.


You will be given physical (not workouts), spiritual, and emotional "homework" that support you in this process after each meeting.

Month 1: The Energy of Language
Using the principles of Ease Grace Flow Wellness we dive into language you use to describe yourself and the world around you and how this is creating tension in the body, war with the brain, and blocking your spiritual connection


Month 2: Energy Inventories
Using the principles of Ease Grace Flow Wellness we will discuss a plan for you to assess your levels of energy (how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally, your capacity to do, feel, and think at your highest level) within all areas and experiences of your everyday life, and the necessary shifts to access new and abundant levels of energy

Month 3: Energetic Transformation

Using the principles of Ease Grace Flow Wellness  we will discuss your personal transformation. There is no way to predict an outcome based on months 1 & 2 because we co-create what is meant for you.  In month 3 we assess and discuss how to make your progress a sustainable lifestyle.  We will discuss what comes up for you individually in this process and prioritize our focus on what needs the most attention for the last month.

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